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they don't love you like i love you

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
9:27 am - home sweet home...
man, it's good to be back home

current mood: grateful

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Thursday, May 5th, 2005
4:20 pm - While in Florida...
right now, im in florida. everything is going pretty good right now...the weather could be better but, its all good. as long as its humid outside, im happy. tomorrow morning my bro, mom, and i are going to Orlando (where all the theme parks are) it should be fun. i hope.
so the 3 of us, my bro, mom, and i, came with another family. the other family came here to buy some property. i guess they wanna move out here.
i wanna write everything ive done, but it would be too much. so to some it all up: i went to 2 small theme parks, the beach, the mall, my aunt had a party for easter (orthodox easter), i spent some time with my cousins and uncle, looked at some nice million dollar homes....and thats all i can remember for now
tuesday the my mom and the family that came with us is leaving. my bro and i are staying behind for 1 more week.

id like to send a shout-out to my friend Erika...i know shes missing me...hah, i didnt forget you...i hope your ass reads this!!!!

current mood: calm

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Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
7:47 pm - Welcome to Miami...
"Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami (bienvenido a Miami)
Bouncing in the club where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
I'm going to Miami, Welcome to Miami"
~Will Smith

this wednesday im going to Florida for 3 weeks with my bro and my mom. the whole "Romanian Crew" ,lives out there, so were visiting them. i have no idea what were gonna do out there, but i know this vacation will be better than last years....i dont wanna even get into what happened last year. let's just say my mom and i were broke the whole time. lol ahhh goodtimes
so, if you have my number, dont call me, ill call you

p.s. forget livejournal, everyone has a 'myspace'. why the hell am i still writing in this thing? hah

current mood: ecstatic

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Saturday, April 16th, 2005
6:33 pm - Palm Springs
right now im here in Palm Springs. last night my family and i drove in around 8pm. its soooooo nice out here. this is my dream-come-true: to be in the desert. this is my 1st time here and im loving it! its blistering hot outside, which is what i love! 90 degrees. the drive here was about 2hrs with traffic. certain parts of the city i saw nothing but acres and acres of land! it was so beautiful. looking at all the barren land and the mountains really made me appreciate nature and its beauty (and im not bull-shitting, lol)
this morning i went to eat breakfast in downtown Palm Springs, after that we cruised. we actually looked at some real estate too. we saw 2 house both priced over 1 million dollars. the were extremely big with a perfect view of the city. im thinking about buying a vacation home out here when im older and living on my own.
well, i got a lot more to see, so, ill update again on monday with the conclusion of my stay here in Palm Springs.

current mood: relaxed

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
5:15 pm - why am i updating?
i dunno why im updating....i dont even know what to write.
uh...um lets see....today was friggin HOT! and i love it! (this is my kinda weather)
i was looking through "myspace", and i saw so many ppl from Milikan. wow, ppl i knew changed so much. its crazy.
ugh, im tired as hell.
this weekend im going to Palm Springs for the 1st time. Wooooooooo! YAY
well, thats my update....now if you'll excuse me, im gonna go lift weights so my sexy arms ("man arms" according to Jordin) can get sexier. lol

current mood: tired/bored

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
4:29 pm - This one's for you, Erika, because i care...


When i was alone and had nothing

i asked 4 a friend 2 help me bear the

pain no one came except...GOD

When i needed a breath 2 rise

from my sleep no one could

help me except....GOD

When all i saw was sadness

and i needed answers no one

heard me except....GOD

So when i am asked who I

give my unconditional love 2

look for no other name



current mood: sympathetic

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Thursday, March 31st, 2005
10:47 pm - To Live and Die in L.A...
about 30 minutes ago i got back from my brother's basketball game...unfortunately, we (they) lost.

the game took place at some gym in LA. Jordin's (my brother) team was worried about playing this team because they were supposedly an "all black" team. when we got to the gym, we found out it wasnt true. but most of the team was black. a lot of ppl from NH showed up to give support, which i thought was really kewl.

so anyway, the game starts, and i am a nervous wreck! my teeth were chattering, my arms and legs were shaking uncontrollably, and my mind was swarmed with thoughts of jordin's team losing. youre not suppose to have negative thoughts about your team losing, but no matter what you think, that thought of losing will always be in the back of your mind. in this case, it was in the front of my mind.

the game was on and poppin'. my bro-bro shoots the first basket, then another team-mate shoots. were up by 4, the NH crowed is cheering. were doin good so far, then we stared getting tied. then, the other team just starts scoring left and right. since we were in "black" territory, the whole crowed was basically black. so it the middle there was a group of black girls doing little ghetto cheers for the other team. you know how they do. all loud and crazy. talk about tension filling up the gym. on top of the ghetto cheers being sung, there was this one black guy talking crap about our team.

the other team keeps scoring, were missin easy lay-ups, makin bad passes, getting the ball stolen, waisting time dribbling, not shooting. all these mistakes cost us the game! we coulda won! we were better than that team!!

the final score was 51 to 34. we lost by 17 points. if we woulda won this game, we woulda gone to the city championships. but thats ok cuz we're still valley champs!

current mood: disappointed

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Friday, March 25th, 2005
4:50 pm - i ruined the day, once again
today, was going great...until the end of p.e. francis, and another friend of mine were walking with me. and that other friend (i'll call her "Ann"), was talking to me about a guy she really likes. i responded back, then all of a sudden, francis starts walking ahead of us. right then i knew she was mad. but, what did i say to make her mad?

i have an idea why she might be mad at me: earlier this week, she told me she had a little crush a guy. a lot of people know this guy she likes, so she told me not to tell anyone. she thinks i told "ann" who she likes which is not true. so now i dunno whats gonna happen. there was a lot more that was said, but i cant write it cuz then everyone will know who Francis likes.

so, now...i feel like shit. but why do i feel like shit, if i didnt tell "ann" who she likes?

cuz she didnt even explain why she was mad, she just stopped talking (like she always does when she's mad) and walked off. but that's ok though, cuz if she's still mad at me on monday, who is she gonna hang out with at nutrition/lunch? she only hangs with me either with my friends, or in the AG. she can't go by herself to the AG, cuz she's too shy to talk to anyone. (she only talks to ppl through me); and she can't go with my friends, cuz she hardely talks to them either. what is she gonna do? where is she gonna go? that sux for her.

actually, im gonna call her later on tonight and settle this. she has no reason to be mad. and even if i did tell someone who she likes, thats no reason to be pissed off at someone. yes, i betrayed her trust, but c'mon now were in high school, not middle school. its not like i told someone a devastating secret she had. cut the bullshit, and lets talk about it. it's not the end of the world if ppl know who you like. damn, i wish the guy i like could know how i feel about him.

if our friendship is ruined cuz of this...wow. that would be her loss. i guess i'll find out tonight. one phone call away...

current mood: pissed off

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
7:09 pm - hilton got me into RUSH!
last friday Hilton let me borrow one of his RUSH cds, and i can't get enough of it! i am now into Rush! but i only like the Vapor Trails cd and a few other songs. omg they're so good!!!!!!!! there's 5 songs on this cd that just are so......i cant explain it. i dunno if this happens to other people, but when i love a certain song sooooo much, i cant describe the feeling i get when i hear it. it also has to do with the fact that i love music so much. but with these Rush songs...i cant describe how much i love them. especially the drumming! it's awesome! in this one song called "Secret Touch" there's base drums that just...blow my mind! its sounds so good. and the lead singer also has an awesome voice. with this guys voice, you either like it, or think it's annoying. i like it. the song "the stars look down" is the bomb! i recommend this CD to everyone.

current mood: I feel a little RUSH coming on

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Sunday, February 20th, 2005
6:37 pm - "The Rose that Grew from Concrete"
Only 4 the Righteous
I'm Down with stictly Dope "So"
That means I'm more than u can handle
"Hot" I'm hotter than the wax from
a candle
"Him" that's Roc he's my microphone companion
"Lyrics" full of knowledge truth and understanding
"Hobbies" rapping is my only recreation
"retire" u must be on some kind of medication
"why" because I'll never loosen up my mic grip
"Drugs" never cuz I'm living on the right tip
"sex" only with my girl because i love her
"Babies" impossible I always use a rubber
"Bored" rarely cuz I'm keeping myself busy
"Scratch" nah I leave the cutting up 2 Dize
"Dize?" yeh that's my D.J. he's the greatest
"Word" nah he's paying me to say this
"the mind" is something that I cultivate
and treasure
"Thanks" you're welcome and besides it was
my Pleasure

~from the writings of 2pac

current mood: lonely

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Saturday, February 19th, 2005
6:25 pm - ;)

current mood: good

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Friday, February 18th, 2005
5:02 pm - Don't be so offended...
are mexicans latinos? that's the burning question. francis, ben, josh, and i were debating that today. apparently, francis gets offended if someone calls her "latino". but i always thought all spanish speaking people were latino/hispanic.

"I'm not Latino, I'm Mexican." >says Francis.
thats like me saying, "I'm not half white, I'm half Romanian." but see, Romanians are white...mexicans are latinos. or at least thats what i always thought. i dunno that's weird. thats like also saying, "Chinese people aren't Asian"! and that's exactly what i mean, it doesnt make sense!

"if you were mexican you would understand..." said Francis. (ha) i may never understand, francis, but im sticking to "mexicans are latino/hispanic"
but i still love you Francis! (hehe)

on better/less dramatic news. the sub i had in 2nd period was kinda cute. not cute, but fine! lol he looked like he could be an actor or something. i shoulda asked him. (shux) he was kewl tho.

current mood: contemplative

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Thursday, February 17th, 2005
4:45 pm - "Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams..."
grrr. i hate the rain! the concept of water falling from the sky sucks! but i did have a very interesting conversation with josh, ben, and my dear friend francis during 5th per. we were talking about which boys in our class are cute, and which girls in our class are pretty. we've come to surprising conclusions. i gotta say, in really enjoy 5th per, (PE) i like the company of josh and ben. (and francis of course) hehe

my very, extremely good friend, Erika, (i can basically call her a best friend) signed up for home-schooling today. she's the closest friend i have in school!!!! that really sucks. man, what's up with home-schooling? what's the point of it? i dont get it...

oh well, you can't dwell on the negative things in life, right?

(i gotta tell people i have an LJ) haha

current mood: mellow

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Saturday, February 12th, 2005
9:58 pm
ahhhh today was a good day. worked out for an hour, made $20 bucks babysitting, then got together with all my friends from school to celebrate Vaneltine's Day. it was great. "truth or dare" is a great game to play when there's a lot of people around. you do things you normally wouldn't do, and you learn new things you wouldn't learn about people on a regular occasion...very interesting, that game. lol. but of course nothing can go as smooth as you want it to go. theres always that one person who has to ruin it for the rest of us...one of the girls got mad and didn't talk to any of us the whole 6 hours we were there...
Overall i had the BEST time. ate some good food, had several good laughs, and watched a scary movie.

current mood: rejuvenated

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Friday, February 11th, 2005
7:42 pm - wow, my 1st entry
wow, im glad i got this thing started. its about time. i dont even know what to write in this thing, whatever...monday is valentine's day, the worst holiday ever. i'd like to have a Valentine...but the guy i really like has a girlfriend...so thats not gonna work out to well. at least i have my friends, right? lol now i dont know what to write....

current mood: accomplished

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